Open Account Policy

Maven Industrial Supply, Inc. offers a product policy option for newly opened accounts, only available through our sales agents. This “Open Account Policy” enables a product comparison period for select, verified, business-to-business orders and postpones order payment for up to 30 days.

Under this policy, the product offered will be invoiced typically within one week of an order shipment. The invoice can be paid at any point in time within 30 days of the order date. An invoice is considered overdue at 31 days from the date of order. Unpaid invoices will be re-sent typically in a 30-day period from last invoice copy. At 90 days from order date, unpaid invoices are considered delinquent and will be sent to collections if no alternative action is indicated by the customer.

If for any reason the offered product does not satisfy the customer, a return pickup can be scheduled with no cost to the customer. Sales agents may offer a change of order if preferred by the customer. All products offered under this policy are covered by our returns and refunds policy.

Please note, this order option is not available for online orders.